• Behrad’s paper on “Flower-like micelles of Polyethylene Oxide End-Capped with Cholesterol” is published in Macromolecules (09/2021)
  • The paper on ” Dual-Modality Poly-l-histidine Nanoparticles to Deliver Peptide Nucleic Acids and Paclitaxel for In Vivo Cancer Therapy” in collaboration with Prof. Bahal published in ACS Applied Materials&Interface (09/2021)
  • Justin, Anna, Steven, and Joanna join our group, welcome! (08/30/2021)
  • The paper on “Structural Engineering in the self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers with reactive additives” in collaboration with Prof. He published in Langmuir. (08/05/2021)
  • Chung-Hao’s paper on Supramolecule-Lipids nanocomplex is published in Nanoscale (07/30/2021)
  • Dr. Armin Tahmasbi Rad’s paper on Gold nanoclusters in lipids nanodiscs is published in Advanced Functional Materials. (03/2021)
  • Dr. Kuo-Chih Shih left the SAFN group for NIST, congratulation! (02/2021)
  • The paper on “Metallo-helicoid with double rims: polymerization followed by folding via intramolecular coordination” in collaboration with Prof. Li published in Angewandte Chemie. (01/18/2021)

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