• Chung-Hao’s paper on “Synthesis of Polymer Nanoweb via a Lipid Template” is published in the ACS Macro Letters  (07/2023)
  • The paper” Next-generation poly-L-histidine formulations for miRNA mimic delivery” in collaboration with Prof. Bahal is published in Molecular Therapy-Methods & Clinical Development (06/2023)
  • Chung-Hao received the Pre-doctoral Travel Award from CBE in 2022-2023, congratulations! (05/2022)
  • Donyeil successfully defends his dissertation. Congratulation! (04/2022)
  • Chung-Hao successfully defends his dissertation. Congratulation! (03/2022)
  • The paper “Hydrophobic pockets built in polymer micelles enhance the reactivity of Cu 2+ ions” in collaboration with Prof. He was published in Materials Chemistry Frontiers (03/2023)
  • Justin Fang’s paper on “Cellular Localization, Aggregation, and Cytotoxicity of Bicelle-Quantum Dot Nanocomposites” is published in ACS Applied Bio Materials (02/2023)
  • Chung-Hao and Behrad’s paper on “Effect of Diphenyl Content on Viscoelasticity of Poly(dimethyl-co-diphenyl)siloxane Melt and Network” is published in ACS Applied Polymer Materials (02/2023)
  • Behrad’s paper on “Water Content in Nanoparticles Determined by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering and Light Scattering” is published in Langmuir (01/2023)

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