• Behrad successfully defend his dissertation, congratulation! (11/2022)
  • Chung-Hao’s paper on “Facile polymerization in a bicellar template to produce polymer nano-rings” is published in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (10/2022)
  • The paper “Sulfonated Pentablock Copolymer Membrane Morphological Anisotropy and Its Impact on Dimensional Swelling, Proton Conductivity, and the Transport of Protons and Water” in collaboration with Prof. Cotnrlius published in Macromolecules  (10/2022)
  • Justin and Luke join our group, welcome! (08/2022)
  • Chung-Hao received the Samuel J. Huang Graduate Research Award in 2021-2022, congratulations! (05/2022)
  • The paper “Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles Grafted with Amphiphilic Supramolecular Block Copolymers” in collaboration with Prof. He was published in Giant  (05/2022)
  • Ibtihal’s paper on “Changes Experienced by Low-Concentration Lipid Bicelles as a Function of Temperature” is published in Langmuir (04/2022)
  • The paper” Patchy Metal Nanoparticles with Polymers: Controllable Growth and Two-Way Self-Assembly” in collaboration with Prof. He published in Nanoscale  (04/2022)
  • The paper” Head on Comparison of Self‐and Nano‐Assemblies of Gamma Peptide Nucleic Acid Amphiphiles” in collaboration with Prof. Bahal was published in Advanced Functional Materials  (01/2022)
  • Justin Fang’s paper on “Restriction‐In‐Motion of Surface Ligands Enhances Photoluminescence of Quantum Dots—Experiment and Theory” is published in Advanced Materials Interfaces (01/2022)
  • Dr. Armin Tahmasbi Rad’s paper on “Codelivery of Paclitaxel and Parthenolide in Discoidal Bicelles for a Synergistic Anticancer Effect: Structure Matters” is published in Advanced NanoBiomed Research (01/2022)

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